From our family to yours, the Chesapeake Beach Water Park wishes you and your loved one’s safety during this time of uncertainty. We are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. The safety of our employees and guests is our #1 priority. We are working with local agencies to receive up to date information on best practices and a possible opening date. We will update our message as we are informed. For information regarding our plan of action visit HERE

We are looking forward to all being together again! Please take our survey, let us know your comfort level for reopening.

All positions have been filled for the 2020 season.

Thank you for reservation for this summer! We look forward to your visit! 

Upon arrival, you will be required to show…

  1. A signed copy of this document
  2. Your printed ticket, and proof of payment   
 We understand that more often than not, the person signing this form is not the person accompanying the campers.  Review, Sign, and Print this form and send it with your Head Camp Counselor so we know that all parties have read the rules.
  • Summer Camps Hours are on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm only.
  • ALL CAMPS MUST ARRIVE by 9:45am for check-in. If you are running late or will be arriving later than 10:15am, please call the Water Park at 410-257-1404 to inform a Supervisor of your late arrival.
  • PARKING: Upon arrival, please have your van or bus park in the large lot just across the street from the Water Park, beyond the pavilions and adjacent to the ball fields.
  • CHECK IN: A Customer Service Specialist will greet you at the Fisherman Pavilions to begin your check-in process.
  • Have ready to provide to our staff member: # of Children (under 4’), and # of Adults (Over 4’)
  • Payment is due IN FULL at the time of registration through our website. Please bring your printed ticket with you on the day of your visit.
    • If you are paying for additional campers/adult chaperones, you will be asked to pay at our Groups Window on the morning-of before any wrist bands are assigned.
  • RESTROOMS: BEFORE entering the Park, we ask that your Campers use the Restrooms designated for Summer Camps, which are located across the street at the Pavilions area where your bus/van has parked.
    • These restrooms are also available for your Campers to use AFTER exiting the park and before boarding your busses.
  • NO outside food or drinks are allowed in to the park. Bags will be checked upon admission to the park.
    • Packed lunches may be eaten at the pavilions either before entering the park or after you exit for departure!
    • We do offer Camper Lunch Specials at our Beachcomber Grille (Include a hotdog, chips, and juice box) for $3.99/per person. However, these orders must be made in advance through our website when you make your Camp Reservation.
  • All Camps must Enter the park through the Back Gate. After all Campers and Counselors have been assigned the appropriate wristband, your camp will be escorted to your assigned Cabana.
  • All Camps must Exit the park through the Back Gate by 2 pm. Please notify a Supervisor upon departure so he/she can escort you out.  
  • Once settled at your assigned Cabana, a Lifeguard Supervisor will meet with all members of your camp to quickly review the Water Park Rules.
    • An overview of these rules can be found online at our website and we recommend all counselor’s review this document before arriving at the park.
      • Yellow Duck wristbands will be provided to ALL Campers. Red wristbands are required for all campers 48” and under.  If a child is wearing a red wristband, they are prohibited from riding the two large slides.   All campers with a red wristband must be accompanied by a camp counselor when in the lazy river. 
      • Counselors and campers are forbidden to remove the red wristbands from children. This is a major safety issue and would be in violation of our swimming safety codes.
      • Camps must have a reasonable ratio of counselors to children to enter the park, based on the American Camp Association When swimming in the lazy river, one counselor can have no more than 4 children at a time.
      • Everyone must go down feet first on all of the slides
      • No tubes are allowed in the lap pool or activity pool
      • No throwing tubes
      • No hanging or climbing on the rocks; No Running
    • It is VERY IMPORTANT that Counselors do NOT communicate with their Campers by use of a Whistle in any capacity.
      • Our lifeguards use whistles to communicate with guests, coworkers, and to pronounce emergency situations.  When additional whistles are introduced, it can create confusion. 
      • If a Counselor needs to communicate with their group, they may come to the office to make an announcement over our Radio system.
    • One (1) complimentary cabana will be provided for your camp.
      • If your reservation was made as a whole group, yet you arrive at the park as smaller break-out groups, your entire camp reservation will be assigned to only one (1) cabana to share.
      • If you wish to reserve a 2nd cabana for your group, Cabana rentals are $69.00 and requests and payment must be made in advance on our website at
      • There will be two chairs with each cabana for camps to use and camps are limited to those two chairs only. All other surrounding chairs on deck are reserved for our general admission guests who pay full price admission. We encourage you to bring your own folding chairs if you wish to have more seating.
    • NO personal belongings are to be left on or near the picnic tables or pavilions inside the Water Park. All belongings are to be confined within your designated cabana only, or locked in a rental lockers.
    • Camp Counselors must accompany campers into the gift shop, with a maximum of 5 campers at a time.

For additional questions and inquires, contact

Thank you,   

The Chesapeake Beach Water Park Management Team